The noble crane - so filled with otherworldly grace that kung fu practitioners imitate its delicate, fluid movements. Chinese legend says a great crane ferries the dead to the afterlife on its sweeping wings; cultures around the world believe cranes to be bringers of longevity and good luck to the living. With its resilience, sleek lines and near-mythic feel, Sokojikara's "Soul Crane" Katana is the legendary crane, personified. The hand lacquered saya depicts the stately bird through vibrant, radiantly hued traditional Asian art, and like a giant crane soaring on the wind, this lovingly handcrafted sword is truly a sight to behold. The Soul Crane is beautiful, eye-catching and no doubt impressive from the very first glance. But many of the sword’s greatest treasures lie beneath its striking visual facade, and some - like clay tempering - are even altogether intangible. The Soul Crane is a veritable swordcraft goldmine, never ceasing to yield rich sword-wielding experiences from the moment you first grasp the tsuka to your inaugural cut and every time you brandish it beyond.

Sokojikara developed the Soul Crane with the serious swordsman in mind. Master smiths painstakingly hand forge every blade, and seasoned artisans carefully hand etch and paint every saya. From vigorously hammering the formless, molten steel to gingerly tapping in the tiny wooden mekugi, every step in the Soul Crane’s construction receives the utmost care and precise attention to detail. Some of the world’s – and history’s – most revered, time-tested techniques are employed, and every material is top-of-the-line. A quintessential example is the Soul Crane’s potent 1065 tanto blade. One of the most sought-after high carbon steels in modern swordcraft, 1065 alone would yield a blade with a nasty bite. But the Soul Crane takes it a step further, enhancing the blade with a time honored differential hardening technique called “clay tempering.” Unique to traditional Japanese swordcraft, clay tempering was developed centuries ago by Edo-period smiths and is integral to the katana’s longstanding, well-earned reputation as the sharpest sword on earth. A 1065 blade may have a “nasty bite,” but a clay tempered 1065 blade like the Soul Crane’s is nothing short of devastating. And the “devastation” persists, battle after battle, cut after cut…

  • Literally a “handcrafted masterpiece” – blade hand forged by master smiths, saya hand carved and painted by master artisans
  • Full tang 29″ 1065 high carbon steel blade – expertly hand forged by seasoned swordsmiths using advanced techniques honed over centuries
  • Centuries-old clay tempering process yields tough, impact-absorbing blade spine/body and history’s sharpest edge; also produces natural hamon line
  • Classic tsuka wrapped in delicately textured genuine ray skin same and braided ito; traditional wooden mekugi, brass menuki
  • Elegant, exquisitely detailed tsuba flawlessly cast from bronze like katana of ages past; accented with bold crane relief
  • Hand lacquered wood saya features vibrant traditional Asian art depicting a mythical crane; extraordinarily detailed, brilliantly colored
  • Overall length: 41 1/2″ – the ultimate Japanese samurai sword; unstoppable in battle yet not too large to impede movement
Brand: Sokojikara
Category: Swords