A masterpiece of color, form and potency, Sokojikara's "Pearl Zen" Katana is traditional Japanese swordcraft at its finest. Seasoned artisans skillfully handcraft each of these rare gems, using the same premium materials and meticulous attention to detail found in some of the world's most coveted, sought-after swords.

Delicately textured genuine ray skin cloaks the tsuka, offset by brilliant scarlet cord and a subtle, intricately formed bronze menuki. Traditional bamboo mekugi firmly wed the Pearl Zen’s tsuka to the blade tang beneath, just like the storied katana wielded by samurai centuries ago. Bookending the tsuka, the flawlessly cast brass tsuba and kashira showcase swirling floral patterns and enchanting dragon motifs – every detail rendered in stunning relief. Even the hand-lacquered saya is lavishly appointed, boasting a colossal pearl-inlaid dragon motif that’s nothing short of breathtaking.

  • Painstaking attention to detail, expert hand craftsmanship – built for serious swordsmen, collectors; priced within reach of anyone
  • Full tang 28 1/2″ 1045 high carbon steel blade – expertly hand forged by seasoned swordsmiths using advanced techniques honed over centuries
  • Centuries-old clay tempering process yields tough, impact-absorbing blade spine/body and history’s sharpest edge; also produces natural hamon line
  • Tsuba, menuki, kashira all flawlessly cast from brass, bathed in a rich antiqued patina and accented with intricate relief designs
  • Tsuka wrapped in black genuine ray skin same, offset with radiant crimson braided ito; traditional wooden mekugi
  • Hand-lacquered saya every bit as impressive as the sword it protects – mesmerizing Japanese dragon motif inlaid with stunningly prismatic mother of pearl
  • Overall length: 41″ – versatility comes standard in the ideally sized Japanese katana
Brand: Sokojikara
Category: Swords