Shadowy and mysterious, yet clearly capable, Shinwa’s “Unbroken Night” Katana embodies the night itself - veiled in darkness, loaded with hidden danger, cryptic and downright frightening. And despite its grim hues, the Unbroken Night is nothing if not vibrant and alluring; it’s teeming with distinctive appointments and captivating accents - a true masterwork of contemporary sword design. But behind this stylishly unsettling façade lurks a downright frightening beast - a formidable tanto blade hand forged from black Damascus steel.
  • Nothing’s darker than the night – beautiful yet formidable, vibrant yet dark, the Unbroken Night Katana is spectacular fusion of breathtaking contrasts
  • Full tang 28 3/4″ black Damascus steel blade, hand forged by Shinwa’s master swordsmiths using proven, centuries-old technique; more than 1,000 distinct layers
  • Innovative, exclusive process puts “black” in “black Damascus” – result is blade with brooding dark beauty without equal
  • Tsuka wrapped in faux ray skin, classic black ito; offset by brilliant brass dragon menuki; traditional wooden mekugi
  • Flawlessly cast tsuba features breathtaking pattern, form and detail
  • Overall length: 40 1/4″ – tall, dark and handsome; the quintessential full-sized samurai sword
Brand: Shinwa
Category: Swords