This highly detailed Samurai sword set is the most exquisite set ever produced by Shinwa sword masters. Each of the 1060 carbon steel blades is hand-forged by skilled artisans and then wrapped in real ray skin and a traditional cord-wrapped handle. Intricately detailed tsubas are accented by a gold-plated menuki and habaki. The lacquered wooden scabbards are inlaid with a beautiful dragon inlay created with real, natural pearl. This three-piece set includes a custom Shinwa wooden sword stand.
  • Katana: 28″ blade, 39 1/2″ overall
  • Wakizashi: 19 1/4″ blade, 30 1/2″ overall
  • Tanto: 11 1/4″ blade, 19 5/8″ overall
  • Includes a custom Shinwa wooden sword stand
  • Powerful full-tang construction
Brand: Shinwa
Category: Swords