Regal and worthy of the Imperial Palace, Shinwa’s Noble Midnight Samurai Sword is definitely befitting of a Japanese Emperor! It features a midnight blue, hand-forged 1060 high carbon steel blade, which is complemented by the brass habaki. The handle is traditionally wrapped with genuine rayskin and features a purple cord-wrap to match the blade. The intricate, gold metal alloy tsuba is a coiled dragon design and the design is carried through to the gold pommel. The 28” blade slides perfectly into a black lacquered, wooden scabbard adorned with metallic gold splashes and complementary cord-wrap.
  • Samurai sword worthy of the Imperial Palace
  • 28” hand-forged 1060 high carbon steel blade
  • Metal alloy tsuba with a coiled dragon design
  • Genuine rayskin and cord-wrapped handle
  • Black lacquered wooden scabbard
  • Overall length: 40 1/2”
Brand: Shinwa
Category: Swords