Both a stunning beauty and fierce Damascus beast, our Shinwa "Lazuli" Katana has intricately beautiful blade patterns that give each blade a one-of-a-kind appearance and delivers layers of outstanding cutting power. The powerful 28" blue Damascus steel blade is perfectly complemented by its blue lacquered hardwood scabbard with its gold painted accents. Other unique accents and details like the dragon-themed cast metal tsuba and menuki and brass habaki give the sword a custom look and feel. This piece features a hardwood handle that is wrapped with genuine ray skin and blue nylon cord. Shinwa swords have a quality standard like no other!
  • Both a stunning beauty and fierce Damascus beast
  • Handcrafted 28” blue Damascus steel blade
  • Exclusive technique yields stunning blade color
  • Blue cord and genuine red rayskin wrap
  • Blue lacquered sheath with gold accents
  • Cast metal dragon tsuba; brass habaki
  • Overall length: 40 1/2″
Brand: Shinwa
Category: Swords