Combining the elegant luster of gold with the resilience and potency of high carbon steel, Shinwa's Golden Knight Katana represents the ultimate fusion of savagery and awe-inspiring grace. It boasts impeccable beauty - with sleek, fluid form and a host of brilliant golden accents. On display, it demands attention - a gilded, eye-catching example of legendary ancient Japanese swordcraft and design. But make no mistake - the Golden Knight, albeit unquestionably stunning, is much more than a mere showpiece.
  • Awe-inspiring fusion of golden beauty, carbon steel savagery
  • 29″ 1045 high carbon steel blade with warm golden finish
  • Gilt cast metal guard with koi, wave ornamentation
  • Genuine ray skin, gold leather cord handle wrapping
  • Traditional wooden handle pegs; golden collar, menuki
  • Wooden scabbard with glittering paint scheme
  • Overall length: 39 1/2″
Brand: Shinwa
Category: Swords