Brilliant blue hue captivates, razor sharp edge cleaves As a full-sail Japanese Wasen slices gracefully through calm sapphire waters, so the Shinwa Azure Sea Lily Katana nimbly cleaves tough bamboo, rolled straw mats and virtually any material unlucky enough to taste the impossibly razor-sharp kiss of the Sea Lily’s 28 3/4" hand-forged carbon steel blade. Both a beast and a beauty, the Sea Lily is nothing short of stunning robed in its elegant azure vestments. Trades typical braided cord for a more "rock star-esque" blue leather tsuka ito The black rayskin-shrouded tsuka is delicately wrapped in handsome blue genuine leather, yielding a comfortable, no-slip grip - especially important given the deadly edge on this artisan masterwork. A floral relief design adorns the kashira and fuchi, offset with a small but brilliant golden dragon ornament nestled under the leather ito. The tsuka terminates at the exquisitely patterned black metal tsuba and polished brass habaki. Equally potent and stylish, the gracefully curved blade is embellished with a dazzling blue wave-patterned hamon and traditional blood groove. The included blue lacquered wooden saya is polished to high shine and decked out with blue sageo. Exotic blue lily allure, ordinary bamboo sprout price Nowhere else will you find such opulence and quality craftsmanship at this extraordinarily affordable price. Displays beautifully on the included stand; makes a terrific gift in the included sword bag.
  • Don’t let its captivating azure blue allure fool you – this flower is toxic, packing all the ferocity the katana is famous for
  • 28 3/4” hand forged 1045 carbon steel blade both an azure beauty and an edged beast – carefully honed to razor sharp, accented with blue finish, classic hamon line, sinister blood groove
  • Tsuka’s sleek blue leather ito, black ray skin same afford hip contemporary flair; offset by classically embellished brass menuki, traditional wooden mekugi
  • Distinctive hexagonal cast metal tsuba with chic angular, arrow-like cutouts; bookended by delicately ornamented fuchi and traditional brass habaki
  • Wooden saya with rich blue lacquer finish; polished to vibrant glow and finished with lighter shaded sageo
  • Handsome wooden display stand provides ideal perch to showcase this rare blue beauty; also includes sword bag to protect from dust, moisture during storage
  • Overall length: 42″ – the impressive Japanese katana, in all its full-sized glory and living color
Brand: Shinwa
Category: Swords