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Online Ordering Notice

Due to government changes on weapons being sold online we will be changing the way we process sales online for our website orders. All orders once completed will be followed up by a member of the site and sales will be processed over the phone.

Because of government changes all weapons sold online are considered high risk. With that you are charged not only the sale of the product and taxes but a processing fee. That fee can cost you much more, so we will process the sale over the phone to avoid this cost. We at Johnnys Defense take your credit card information seriously and at no time will your information be kept.

We understand that it is an inconvenience having to do it this way. Our only other choice would be to raise our prices and we don't want to do that since we pride ourselves on our prices. For those who are our loyal customers they know we are a safe, dependable company and pride ourselves in customer service and security with us is a must.

So we look forward to helping you in the future and we apologize for this change but it is the best option.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to make sure no one man or woman ever has to feel fear. We will make sure to go out of our way to provide you with the training you need to keep yourself and your loved one's safe. We also provide many weapon options to choose from.

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